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Can you get free gym memberships covered by Medicare?

There are over 14,000 gyms and fitness centers across the nation that want all Seniors 65 years or older to come in and enjoy unlimited free gym memberships. The benefit is thanks to an enlightened and totally free Medicare health and fitness program called Silver Sneakers. It is the self-declared champion in senior fitness.

There is no limit to the number of gyms a member may join. When you get healthier it benefits you and it benefits Medicare.

Many seniors don’t even know they are eligible and have access to this Medicare benefit. If they’ve seen the term Silver Sneakers on their benefits list, they may not even know how valuable it really is.

Many Medicare health plans include the Silver Sneakers membership among their free preventive care benefits. The program helps to keep their members in good health. It is a truly amazing and beneficial program because it allows seniors to remain healthy and active. You will have many available clubs to go to for varied and multi-level fitness workouts.

Choose the environment most pleasing for your fitness routine

A menu of special fitness classes are designed just for Silver Sneakers members and delivered by certified instructors. For instance, weight training is included and helps keep the muscles and bones strong. Furthermore, you can do yoga, group fitness classes, cycling, aquatic exercises, racquet ball, pools, whirlpools, saunas and so much more.

Like fresh air? If so, you might prefer special outdoor Silver Sneakers group fitness classes presented around the community. If you’re a little more shy you may like the video fitness classes.

Can anyone get a free gym membership with Silver Sneakers?

In order to be eligible for free gym memberships via Silver Sneakers you must be on a Medicare plan that offers Silver Sneakers as a benefit.

How can I find out if my Medicare plan offers Silver Sneakers?

You can call the plan you are currently a member of and as if they participate in the Silver Sneakers program. You can also go here to look up your Medicare health plan and see if it’s on the list.

Many members consider Silver Sneakers one of the most valuable aspects of their health insurance program. It’s a benefit that can be personalized because you have so many options for activities and amenities.

This life changing, health affirming and personally empowering feature is worth even changing health care providers for, just to have access.

Silver Sneakers provides more than a free gym membership.

There is a lively social scene that comes into play when joining the Silver Sneakers community. Silver Sneakers opens the door to a clean, spacious, state-of-the-art multi-million dollar health and fitness centers. The gyms are staffed with helpful professionals trained to design an optimized health and fitness program just for you. In other words, it’s all based on the latest fitness research and technology and now 100% free to you.

One of the best part of the Silver Sneakers health benefit is having options to join more than one gym to see what works best for one’s individual needs.

As an example, there is the 9:00 A.M. Silver Sneakers group workout at YouFit, or a low traffic time treadmill cardio slot followed by weight machines between 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. at LA Fitness.

Take advantage of the free gym program to be more social

You can take a sauna, swim and quick shower, after which a group date for racquetball could be attended or arranged for a couple of days in advance.

Let’s say the racquet ball group meets every day at 10:00 A.M. Once you make new friends there, you may join them doing other activities outside of the gym. You can see how easy it is to socialize and, most importantly, enjoy adding fitness to your routine.

Senior yoga class is also on the schedule in the evenings very often. With so many options you can enjoy good health in the company of others anytime.

Where can you use Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers free gym membership locations include participating health clubs such as big, national chains and various community locations near you. These locations include recreation centers, churches, community centers, and more. Silver Sneakers memberships allow unlimited access to gym facilities.

You can take classes at various community locations near you which offer a wide variety of fitness classes taught by certified instructors. These classes are part of the FLEX program and include classes such as Tai Chi, bootcamp, Silver Sneakers Yoga, and more. Classes held at parks and recreation centers around town help to get you outdoors and active in your neighborhood.

You can create your own fitness routine, alter it and gradually increase the gradient as you wish, or skip and do something easy or totally new. All gyms have a printed schedule of classes and activities to take home. Use it to pick the best activities and times for a personal fitness program. Remember you can design a fitness program completely tailored for you and what you like.

Can I use Silver Sneakers at Planet Fitness, Curves, LA Fitness, and YouFit?

The Silver Sneakers program is available nationwide and over 14,000 gyms participate in the program. You can search gyms near you that will accept Silver Sneakers by going here. If you’d rather speak to one of their representatives, call the customer service line at 866-584-7389, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m ET (TTY: 711).

Can I use Silver Sneakers at the YMCA?

If you don’t want to go to a local gym to work out, that’s okay. You can take classes at local recreation centers, churches, senior centers, and more convenient locations within your community. The Silver Sneakers FLEX network is the resource for fitness classes. More than 70 types of classes are offered, and what’s more is they’re taught by certified instructors. Classes include boot camp, circuit training, strength and balance, tai chi, yoga, water aerobics, and Zumba. Use the FLEX locator tool here to find classes near you.

Can I get free gym memberships to more than one club?

Many seniors join at least 2 to 3 locations initially. After that they find what they like best and build a physical fitness program based on the offerings of the various clubs. Say, there are 3 or 4 different clubs or fitness chain locations in the immediate vicinity, that’s okay. No one will stop Silver Sneakers members from joining each and every one of them and exploring all the programs.

There are no catches, the clubs are happy to provide free memberships. New gym locations are being added continually. If your favorite gym isn’t on the roster you can ask them to join. New clubs are always encouraged to apply.

Personalized fitness is at your fingertips

Looking for a 24 hour gym with a pool? Yoga classes? Aquatics? Racquetball? A team to play with? Do you enjoy taking a sauna and swim after a workout? These benefits are all available in the clubs who want you to come and join.

You can design a personalized fitness program from the various offerings of several clubs. For example, based on their locations, class times, equipment, classes and amenities, including the club’s social ambiance. You can do this, and more, thanks to the Silver Sneakers Medicare benefit.

What does Silver Sneakers cost?

Silver Sneakers is a free benefit offered through many Medicare plans.

Are Silver Sneakers classes free?

Yes, they are free.

How much money can I save with Silver Sneakers?

As to the financial savings, with the average full service health and fitness club membership starting around $40.00 to $60.00 per month, for high end facilities, each location signed up with can save at least $480.00 to $720.00 a year.

Add to that the fact that everyone can join not only as many locations of one chain as they want. They can also join as many different participating health clubs as they want. The yearly savings could be in the $1,000s.

Can my spouse use my free gym membership with Silver Sneakers?

The free gym membership/s you are given through the program entitle you to the same benefits as a regular, paid membership. In other words, if the gym you sign up with offers guest passes, then you can bring a guest. It really depends on the gym.

If the gym’s membership offering includes free use for your spouse then yes, your spouse can use your Silver Sneakers membership too.

Conversely, if the gym you sign up for does not offer guest or family privileges then your spouse will need to either enroll in Silver Sneakers or purchase a separate gym pass.

Which health club is right for you?

Your choice of health clubs is very personal. You won’t be short of options because most every major gym brand participates in the program. You can go to LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, YouFit and so many others. They all offer different amenities.

Often the best way to select locations is to stop by and do a quick tour. Don’t pass on a good gym just because it’s a little further away. A good club is worth driving for if it offers the amenities you are looking for.

Other considerations are times the gym is open and specific desirable amenities available.

With so many gyms to choose from, you can select one that is safe, clean, modern, and spacious. It will be easy to pick a gym that is welcoming and rich in amenities, with ample and safe parking.

Who can get a free gym membership via Silver Sneakers?

If you are 65 years and older and on a Medicare plan that has Silver Sneakers as a benefit, you can join. Silver Sneakers is a program which allows you to get free gym memberships in your area. Many of them offer 24 hour fitness which can help you stay fit, strong, and happy.

How to join Silver Sneakers?

The first place to go to get signed up for Silver Sneakers is to the Silver Sneakers Eligibility Page or by calling the Medicare Silver Sneakers toll-free phone number at 866-584-7389. The phone representative will walk you through everything.

The representative checks your eligibility for Silver Sneakers (whether or not your current health plan offers Silver Sneakers). The rep will approve you right over the phone if you are eligible. Your Silver Sneakers membership card will arrive in the mail soon after that.

Bring this card with you the first time you go to a gym to sign up. You will be using the regular gym pass issued to you by the gym after that. To clarify, you will not be using a special Silver Sneakers edition membership card each time you go. You will be using the same pass all other members pay to use.

How to get a Silver Sneakers Card?

To get in on this great Medicare perk, the first step is checking if one’s health plan includes the Medicare Silver Sneakers free gym memberships, by going to the check eligibility section of their website.

After entering the name and other requested identifying information, the site will display if your health plan offers Silver Sneakers. If so, then the next page will show a menu of various activities and an image of the Silver Sneakers membership card. Then you can print out your card and take it to the gym.

Once deemed eligible, go to the locations page of the website and see what clubs are listed for your area.

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