Medicare Benefits Seniors 65+

Medicare Savings Program

What Is The Medicare Savings Program The Medicare Savings Program is a federally funded program to help seniors cover health care costs not included in Medicare. It vastly reduces uncovered Medicare health care costs (for life) and can make a huge difference for you financially. It is one of the most useful and important benefits […]

Medicare Benefits Prescription Assistance Seniors 65+

Medicare Extra Help

Medicare Extra Help Program Medicare Extra Help is usually granted along with the Medicare Savings Program if you are enrolled. If you qualify for one you usually qualify for the other. You also become a beneficiary¬† automatically if you are enrolled in Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or a Medicare Savings Program. While the Medicare […]

Free Cell Phone Low Income Medicare Benefits Seniors 65+

How to Get a Free Cell Phone for Low Income Adults and Seniors

Low Income Individuals of Any Adult Age Can Get A Free Cell Phone It is easy to obtain a free cell phone or landline phone if you have limited income whether you are a senior citizen or a young adult. There is a government program in place that gives qualified applicants a completely free landline […]

Free Fitness Classes Free Gym Memberships Medicare Benefits Seniors 65+ Silver Sneakers Yoga

Free and Easy Unlimited Gym Memberships 24 Hour Fitness

Can you get free gym memberships covered by Medicare? There are over 14,000 gyms and fitness centers across the nation that want all Seniors 65 years or older to come in and enjoy unlimited free gym memberships. The benefit is thanks to an enlightened and totally free Medicare health and fitness program called Silver Sneakers. […]